• How many Shadowline vinyl rolls will I need to black out all of my car's chrome window trim?

    1 roll is enough to cover all of the upper and lower chrome window trim on both sides of most coupes and sedans. SUV and touring models may require two rolls. Matte and gloss black Shadowline window trim vinyl rolls are 30 feet (9.15 m) in length and are available in three widths: 3" (76 mm), 4" (101 mm), and 5" (127 mm). You choose the width which is best suited for your specific application.

  • What width roll of Shadowline window trim vinyl do I need?

    To find out what width you need, simply measure the thickest section of your vehicle's chrome window trim. Add 1 inch to this measurement and this is the width roll of Shadowline vinyl you should purchase. Bear in mind that this is the MINIMUM width that you need. If you would like a little more vinyl to work with to make the application process a little less precise, ordering a wider roll is always an option.

  • Can Shadowline vinyl be applied on any vehicle?

    Of course. Any make vehicle—BMW, Audi, Mercedez-Benz, VW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Maserati, etc.—can use it to achieve a sportier look. Check out our showroom to see Shadowline vinyl on a variety of vehicles.

  • I lease my vehicle, can I remove the vinyl without damage if I decide to turn it in?

    If you ever choose to go back to your car's stock look—for whatever reason—you can. Shadowline vinyl is designed to be removed as easily as it was applied. It's 100% reversible and will come off cleanly without leaving any adhesive residue or damage to the chrome trim underneath. Think of it as permanent with long term removability.

  • Is Shadowline vinyl car wash safe?

    Yes. The vinyl's low caliper (.002") makes it extremely durable and resistant to abrasive forces. It stands up as well as a coat of paint so the brushes from car washes are not a problem.

  • How difficult is it to apply?

    Shadowline vinyls have "Easy Apply Technology" which allows air bubbles and wrinkles to simply be pushed down and out, making application fairly simple. They also have outstanding dry repositionability. If a wrinkle or air bubble happens to form during application, it can be snapped up and reapplied down for a perfectly smooth job every time. Because Shadowline vinyl is a premium cast vinyl, it can stretch to conform beautifully to complex curves. The keys to application are to go slow, smooth out any imperfections (air bubbles and/or wrinkles) that may occur as you move along, and stretch/pull the vinyl in the direction of the trim's curvature. If you have any further questions or concerns about the application process, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Are there any instructions for applying Shadowline vinyl?

    Yes, a detailed DIY instruction sheet with full-color photos is included with every purchase.

  • How long will the roof vinyl last on my vehicle?

    Normally roof vinyl can stay on between 8 to 10 years, depending on how well you treat it. With proper application, our roof vinyl is guaranteed for up to 5 years against material degradation, fading, and adhesion.

  • Is it easy to maintain?

    Definitely! Our roof vinyls are made from premium cast, high tensile strength vinyl. The gloss black roof vinyl requires no waxing to maintain it's shine and luster. Simply wash with soap and water. No polishing, waxing, or buffing is needed. In general, it's best to hand-wash any vehicle with roof vinyl applied and avoid any type of power washing.

  • I've read through these FAQs and still have no answer to my question.

    No problem. Just e-mail at orders@shadowlinetrim.com. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours.

Q: Matte or Gloss Black?

A: It's all a matter of personal preference. The matte black vinyl replicates the look of BMW's M-series factory Shadowline trim. The gloss black vinyl will achieve the look of the Shadowline trim from the optional Sport Package. Below is our sales percentage breakdown between matte and gloss black Shadowline vinyl which gives you an idea of what your fellow modders are choosing. Again, the choice is yours.

  • Matte black - 64%
  • Gloss black - 46%